JZ @EIM Duets: Jonathan Fowles & Ulrik Wisloff

Jonathon Fowles

Jonathon Fowles (EIM Canada and School of Kinesiology, Acadia University, Canada) and Ulrik Wisloff (Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Norway and inventor of the Personalized Activity Intelligence) got together at the ZEBRA live studio @EIM Lisbon meeting for a short talk about walking and the individualization of prescribed exercise.


Ulrik Wisloff

Here are the topics of their conversation:

– Training workshops for health care professionals and guidelines for Physical Activity;
– Breaking down the guideline 150 minutes/week at moderate intensity;
– Individualization of metrics for Physical Activity;
– Personal Activity Intelligence / PAI APP;
– Interval training and walking.

Here are some very practical strategies from their practice: